Tue, October 20, 2020
 Qualification Certificates 

 According to the Qualification Certificates obtained from strategic planning and control deputy of Presidency, Alamoot Company has been qualified for performing the contractual affairs as follows:


توانايي-گواهينامه-صلاحيت پيمانكاري 1
  Contractor's eligibility & competence certificate:

  • Grade 1 in field of Road & Traffic
  • Grade 1 in field of Hydrology
  • Grade 2 in field of Construction
  • Grade 2 in field of Installations & Equipment
 توانايي-گواهينامه-صلاحيت طرح و ساخت
  Design & Construction eligibility & competence certificate:

  • Grade 1 in field of Road & Traffic – Expert in road construction
  • Grade 4 in field of Hydrology – Expert in sewage and water installatio


Alamoot company adhering to qualification management system and Health, Safety, and Environment management, has been awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and HSE and OHSAS 18001 standard certificates.

ISO 9001

Iso 14001


OHSAS 18001



 Professional Association 

توانايي-انجمن بتن
 توانايي-گواهينامه-انجمن تونل توانايي-گواهينامه-انجمن صادركنندگان گواهي عضويت انجمن شركت هاي راه سازي ايران
Membership Certificate
of Iranian Concrete Institute
 Membership Certificate
of Iranian Tunneling
Association (ITA)
 Membership Certificate of
International Consultants and
Contractors Association Of Iran (ICCA)
 Membership Certificate of
Road Construction Companies Association
 Membership Certificate of
Contraction Companies Association


تقديرنامه بوستان
تقديرنامه سنديكا
توانايي-تقديرنامه-تبريز 1
توانايي-تقديرنامه-تبريز 2
Citations of Tehran Municipality Appreciate from ALAMOOT Co.
at the 70th years of establishment
of the Iranian Syndicate of Construction Companies

Citations of Tabriz Urban Railway Organization
Citations of Interior Minister for Tabriz Metro Project
Citations of Isfahan Urban Railway Organization