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 Joint Ventures 

نام آوران

Namavaran Engineering International Investment Co.(P.J.S)

The global conditions , the necessity for presence in projects inside and outside borders and competition with the international great companies all require that some partnerships to be established from great and reputable Iranian Companies competitive with the global big companies in technical and financial arenas.

So by partnership of 789 companies, from the biggest and most reputable Iranian construction companies and some of the reputable persons as real shareholders , a company established in Feb.2006 named as Namavaran Eng. International Investment Co. Initiated its competition in different areas by much diligence and activity for effective and comprehensive presence in entrepreneurship domesti¬cally and in foreign arena.


FARASAT Company (P.Joint.S)
FARASAT is a group of over 80 iranian companies active in different field of infrastructural construction i.e. building, industrial complexes, Transportation facilities, Oil, Gas Petrochimical plants, Water and Power industries and many others. the collective annual turnover of the group companies is bilions of Dollars and these companies are definitley among the strongest Iranian companies in their respective fiels of activity.
FARASAT is a privet company and enjoys an exceptional support of Iranian public and privet institutions, giving it a unique position in executing large scale projects worlwide.
The considerable expertise and experience of the group members makes it possible to execute the projects on Turn-Key basis while Engineering, Procurement and Construction services are also offered separately or as combinantions as per clients choise. All group members are committed to offer their services according to the latest international standards and all the projects are systematically monitored and controlled to assure timely completion of each stage.
FARASAT is committed to maximizing satisfaction of its clients and every effort is done to increase the flexibility of the company in regard to the terms of its interaction with customers. Minimizing the damages to the environment and protecting the employees are among the principles of the company. Compatibility of the designs with health measures is always carefully considered in FARASAT’s Project Designs.