Tue, October 20, 2020
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 Strategic Manifest 


  • Active presence and more partnership in civil projects subject of company activity for development of country in its specialized areas.
  • Transfer and taking advantage of the latest global technology in field of company specialized activities specially construction of tunnels and underground structures.
  • Development and expansion of cooperation with the domestic and foreign specialized companies in different methods.
  • Development of company share in context of making grounds for citizen welfare and environment protection.


  • Attraction and implementation of specialized projects specially design and construction of tunnels and underground connection installations, culvert, channels and increasing the economic and specialized capacity of the company.
  • Practical promotion of specialized knowledge of state construction industry by application of methods and modern technology and establishment of technical and commercial relation with the technology owners and developers in the world.


  • Requirement for increasing the quality of final product manufactured by the organization for purpose of stable presence in business arena, subject of company activity.
  • Continuous reminding, transfer of experiences and management of created knowledge in the organization.
  • Preserving the human dignity in working interactions and relations and promotion of capability and ability of company human capitals.
  • Coordination with the needs and requirement of the employers.
  • Commitment to observe the national and international rules and technical and engineering standards in design and construction and also conformity of the company activities with the environmental criteria.
  • Being pioneer and pattern in area of organization activities.