Thu, July 02, 2020
Tabriz Urban Railway - Deep Tunnel of Line 1
The twin deep tunnels across the city between Station No. 7 and Station No. 17 along the Emam Khomeyni St. and Khayam St. The line is approximately 8.1 Km long and includes 2 stations and 9 cross cuts structures.
Status : In Progress
Registration Date : 2016/05/17
Update Date : 2018/02/06
- Client: Tabriza Urban and Suburban Railway Organization - Consultant and Supervisor: Gueno Consulting Engineers Co. - Contractor Assistant Advisors: Haraz Rah Consulting Engineers Co. and Arthe Consulting Engineers Co. (from the Netherlands)
Urban Railway
Geography Location
Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran

Technical Information

  • Design & Construction of Two separate tunnels, each length 8100 m (totally 16200m)
  • Cross-section: Circular, with 6 m internal diameter.
  • Average Depth: 15 m
  • Excavation Method: Tunnel Mechanized excavation by using two T.B.M.s (E.P.B.-Shield type)
  • Final Lining: Precast reinforced concrete segments.
  • Depended Structures: Entrance shaft, supporting structure of stations along the route and Tipping Device  section, construction of concrete segments factory and other utilities.


Project Specifications

  • Excavation Technology:
    Drilling the tunnels is accomplished by two Tunnel boring machines (T.B.M.) made in 2005 by N.F.M Factory of France and at presence is one of the most modern and advances types of company.
    These T.B.M.s are closed Shield and earth pressure balance (E.P.B.), and can be used under level of the underground water  balance.
  • Drilling tunnel beneath underground waters balance:
    More than 80% of path length of double tunnels shall be constructed beneath the underground waters balance which is among the specific features in this section, performing the inspection operations and required repairs in hyperbaric conditions.
  • Technical and Executive Issues:
    Commencement of operations for construction of tunnel from the input shaft place of drilling machines, is curve form that the initial 10 m. of each tunnels are implemented in NATM methods. Existence of boulders besides the low thickness of tunnel slag containing urban underground installation. Also the kind of rout soil notably of Silty Sand with considerable percentage of silica and quartz, are among the considerable technical and specifications of this project.
    Operation of T.B.M and construction of tunnels by passing from beneath of underground facilities & urban constructions, consist of water and waste water pipeline, Abresan bridge and commercial & residential buildings.
  • Manufacturing of Precast Concrete Segments
    To manufacture precast concrete segments required for final coating of tunnels walls (totally 11242 rings), the contractor was provided with a plant with approximate area of 5200 sq m including 4 manufacturing salons equipped with cranes, rail system of concrete transportation, and gantry cranes, etc. and manufacturing operations of segments was started after equipment and preparation of the required facilities for depot and maintenance of construction materials and concrete manufacturing and processing facilities in February 2007.